Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Claude Jarman Jr.

Claude Jarman Jr. was born September 27, 1934 in Nashville, Tennesse.

The son of a railroad accountant, Claude had no intentions of becoming a screen actor. However, a 12 year old Claude was discovered during an MGM nationwide tallent search for their upcoming film The Yearling (1946). He won the role of Jody Baxter.

The critics raved over Claude's moving debut and he was awarded the Honorary Juvenile Academy Award for his portrayal of Jody.

His family moved to California permanently, and Claude studied at the MGM studio school while being built up as a child star. Sad to say, his career was short lived. Discouraged, Claude returned to Nashville to complete high school and then attended Vanderbilt University where he took a pre-law course. Following his studies, he served three years in the Navy.

He returned to Hollywood in 1959, and did guest star on a few television roles. His last appearnce was in 1978 when he guest starred on the Centennial.

He later moved to behind the scences work and was a producer for awhile and also served as director of Cultural Affairs for San Francisco. He also manager of the San Francisco Opera House and was an executive with Amway. As a producer he produced Filmore in 1972.

In 1998, he made a special appearnce at the 70th Annual Academy Awards in the past Academy Awards tribute sequence.

He also made a special appearance at the 75th Annual Academy Awards in 2003 as one of some 60 plus past Oscar winners.

In 2003, he narrated the 2003 Turner Classic Movies featurette on the making of The Yearling.

In additon to The Yearling, his film credits include High Barbaree (1947), The Sun Comes Up (1949), Roughshod (1949), Intruder in the Dust (1949), The Outriders (1950), Rio Grande (1950), Inside Straight (1951), Hangman's Knot (1952) and Fair Wind to Java (1953).

Claude Jarman Jr. has been married three times and has seven children. He first married Virginia (1959-1968, divorced), his second wife was Mary Ann (1968-1983, divorced), and he has been married to Katherine since 1985.
He has a duaghter Elizabeth and two sons Claude and Murrary with Virginia. He has two daughters, Vanessa and Natalie with Mary Ann. He has twin daughters with Katherine, Charlotte and Sarah.

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